A Millennial Mom Trying To Conquer The World

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A 20 something mom in New York City trying to keep it all together while doing it all.


It can be a lot just trying to survive the big city that never sleeps. New York City tells us that sleep is overrated and that in order to succeed we must make sacrifices. Let me tell you, after becoming a mom this year, sleep is definitely something I’ve sacrificed deeply. Did I already ask to send help?

No sleep can drive anyone crazy. Almost 3 months in, and I am starting to master the sporadic sleep patterns. Now let’s add teething, cleaning the house, cooking everyday, laundry, work, trying to achieve your short term and long term goals, and more to the mix. My brain is constantly spinning with all my responsibilities that I am still losing sleep.

However, I’m learning it’s okay to not have it all together and it’s okay to not have all the answers all the time. Taking a moment to breathe is important. Walking away from a task, situation, or even a person when feeling stressed out is okay. Sometimes the best clarity is laughing at your chaos; sitting in your living room with laundry all over the place as your dog jumps from pile to pile mixing up the clothes you just sorted out to try to get to the laundry room before it gets crowded with people, and just laughing. I’m a black woman, that’s a masterpiece in it’s own right so that part I don’t really stress too much. But mastering my peace, I’m taking each day at a time.

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