Postpartum Essentials From A First Time Super-Mom

This year I did something magical, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Giving birth has been my greatest achievement by far and I don’t think anything else can really ever top that moment. As a first time mom, I wasn’t really nervous about labor. I was more so nervous about the aftermath. Now when I say aftermath, I’m more so speaking on the challenges of raising a child in today’s world. 

But then I remembered that I also cannot forget about myself. That’s when I started to casually read upon postpartum. To be honest, I did the bare minimum of looking up postpartum essentials or practices to help heal fast and efficiently, I more so obsessed over the baby essentials. But I did pick up some gems in my research and learned some along the way after birth. 

These were my postpartum essentials:

  1. Padsicles

Padsicles were by far my favorite! These is for moms that gave or will give birth vaginally. There are 4 levels of tears a mom can experience during birth, and I only experienced a 1st degree tear. I couldn’t imagine having a deeper tear than that because it is painful to be completely honest. But padsicles were game changers. 

The items needed are witch hazel, aloe vera, pads (I highly suggest super long overnight size), and essential oil is optional. Witch hazel will help you heal; they even give it to you at the hospital. Aloe Vera is your cooling and soothing agent. You pour some witch hazel in the pad, then coat it with aloe vera (I used a good amount), then add a few drops of essential oil if you like. Be sure to cover the full length of the pad because you’ll never know which part of your body may need relief. 

You can thank me later. 

  1. Angled Peri Bottle

The hospital gives you a peri bottle but to be honest I did not use it. I found it difficult to properly use with the way it’s designed. So it is currently a bottle I use for hair oil.

I purchased the angled peri bottle by Frida Mom collection. It reaches all areas and it holds more water than the one given by the hospital. My favorite use was using it to spray cold water on my stitches. 

  1. Depends

Get your granny panties on ladies, and I mean the diaper ones! Now I don’t think anyone gets excited to wear adult diapers but a little part of me was. 

I found the Depends useful to skip all the extra steps of changing the pads and panties given by the hospital. Although their underwear are comfortable, it just was too much changing 2 different pads in them and still worrying about bleeding through because I didn’t find them well fitting. I got the large pack of Depends and they lasted my whole time of bleeding. 

  1. Stool Softener 

Ladies I highly suggest you buy this ahead of time. They will give you some at the hospital but only while you’re in their care; they won’t give you any to take home. This was especially helpful because trying to release your bowels with stitches is another type of pain. I also suggest getting it in pill form because I find it rather disgusting even if it’s fruity flavored. 

  1. Ibuprofen 

I’m not usually one that takes pain relievers. I actually never take them; I’d rather tough it out. But whew, let’s just say these were a blessing. I’ll leave it at that. So make sure you buy this ahead of time. 

  1. Cold Medicine 

This would’ve been useful for me to have ahead of time which I did not. Around my second week, I began to get sick. I had a fever for about a week and a half. It caused my appetite to diminish therefore my milk supply dropped significantly. I thought it was a simple cold at first so I didn’t get medicine right away which I regretted. And I know many moms that did catch a slight cold after birth so I would suggest to have some on hand just in case. 

I hope my essentials can help any other first time moms expecting or even moms that already have kids.

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