Reasonable Dream Home

My man and I have been talking about getting a house with the next 5 years. There are some dealbreakers I absolutely won’t settle for and there are some I’ll be able to compromise.

But here we are building my dream home if I could get everything I want. It still wouldn’t be a luxurious 10 bedroom 7 bath mansion. It would still be rather reasonable and ideal.

I absolutely love the stone exterior. It doesn’t have to be this exact of a design but something similar would be gorgeous. Do you see the double doors for the front door? That is an absolute must have for my future home.
My kitchen is my number one space! I want it exactly how I want it. My dream is to have an all black kitchen but French/Italian style. I don’t really care for the modern design kitchens; the rustic look is absolutely exquisite to me. However, I do adore the modern look of having the refrigerator and freezer having the same design as the cabinets.
Now I may not like my kitchen modernized, but I definitely want my master bathroom to be. This exact bathroom would be my preference. The sand marble is EVERYTHING. If you look closely to the shower, there are several different ways the water can hit your body and I’ve always wanted to have a fancy shower as such.
For the master closet, I haven’t really decided what I would really like. Scrolling through Pinterest I found this simple yet elegant walk-in closet. I liked the shelving with doors and the gold handles. It was nice to see a different color other than gray. Everyone does gray everything nowadays and I think its just way too much, especially when the whole house/apartment is gray.
A castle or mini dream house is what I’ve always imagined for our daughter’s room. This would be for when she’s a bit older but nonetheless, it’s the look I’m going for. Upstairs would be a mini play room extension, a reading nook, or secret hide-away. Maybe different colors; I’ve never been a huge fan of so much pink.
For the backyard, I really would like a stone wrap around gazebo style. As shown in the picture above, I want the grill and stovetop incorporated in the island. I personally love a great family and friend barbecue. Even if its, just the immediate family grilling for a regular dinner. Hopefully, my man can get his grilling skills working.
A pool for me isn’t really a necessity. However, I know baby girl would enjoy it. Plus we have many little ones in the family now, so it would have a great use. If we were to have a pool, I would definitely want it to have a slide like above. The slide has to have twists and turns though; I don’t want a “regular shmegular degular” straight down slide.
I can’t seem to decide if I would want an outdoor fire place or a fire-pit. For some reason, the fireplace just gives me cozier vibes. Especially for Autumn (my favorite season), the fireplace would be the perfect fit.
Lastly, my garden and she-shed. This would be my personal escape place. My gardening goal is to have the largest amount of our food intake to come from our backyard. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s worth a try. The she-shed is to be African inspired, with everything that would keep me zen. It would also be where I make my candles, paint, meditate, do yoga, and anything else that sparks my spirit.

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