20 Fall Date Ideas

Fall is soon approaching. My absolute favorite season of the year. The smell of the air, changing of leaves, sweater weather, ciders and soups!

Plus there’s so much you can do in the fall! However, COVID-19 is still here and present; that means some things may still be closed or limited. But I’ll give you many options, so hopefully you can choose a few that are available or you can do at home!

  1. Apple picking at your local orchard – They usually have more options than just apples.
  2. Bake a pie or cake together – Fall recipes of course such as apple crumble, blueberry pie, and more!
  3. Go on a hayride -Reminisce of your favorite childhood experiences.
  4. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  5. Watch your favorite Disney Halloween movies during a cozy movie day.
  6. Watch sunrise together – Discuss budget planning or future goals together.
  7. Visit a local brewery or winery – support local businesses.
  8. Go horseback riding.
  9. Visit the botanical gardens.
  10. Have an indoor picnic – Who says you have to be outdoors to enjoy a nice picnic. Blanket on the floor, cook in or order take-out, and enjoy that fall dessert you guys just baked together.
  11. Start a new secret family recipe together – Now if you’re not the cooking type and don’t want to risk getting the family sick from your experiments, just steal one online, rename it and claim it as your own.
  12. Hike a trail – Enjoy the scenic views of the changing leaves, chilly weather, and smell of the air.
  13. Pumpkin carving – Do it for fun or make it a friendly competition of who carved the best within a certain time period.
  14. Nerf gun fight – What’s better than shooting your partner with a nerf gun? If you don’t have or want to go a cheaper route, you can get the cheaper brand versions online or in stores.
  15. Visit the zoo – Such a cute couple or family outing. Exploring animals you know or don’t know. Then quiz each other later that night.
  16. Visit the local farmers market – Fresh fruits, vegetables, and more! The farmers market helps supports local businesses plus you can find a new local favorite that may become your new “spot.”
  17. Autumn paint night – Choose a painting on Pinterest or take a photo in your neighborhood for inspiration and get to painting. Add a glass of wine, music, and snacks in there to make it just perfect.
  18. Indoor camping – Revisit your childhood days and create an indoor fort. Get your sleeping bags, flashlights, snacks, and drinks to prepare for a great indoor camp session. You can still enjoy all your camping favorites like s’mores, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and more!
  19. Game night – Enjoy your classics such as Uno, Spit, Scrabble, Jenga, and more. Or you can enjoy some of the newer games such as For The Culture, Shoutrageous, and more.
  20. Take photos for Christmas card – This is something that not many people do anymore but it’s quite cute! Matching outfits or coordinate outfits to compliment each other. Send out the Christmas cards or keep them for your own home.

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