Our Intimate Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Video

Let’s bring it back to August 2019!

I went downtown to pick up the magical envelope that had the results. Jose managed to call me 8 times before I reached the doctor’s office. When I got there the lady that had it was on her lunch break. I literally was dying on the inside because I was not actually parked in a spot, the traffic cops were walking up the block, and NYC traffic cops are RUTHLESS! Surprisingly, the lady at the front desk let me go in the doctor’s office to see if the envelope was there and it was. I thought this was odd because I would be offended if someone let anyone go in my office and search what they were looking for. Nonetheless, it was right on her desk with my name on it and I showed ID to the lady at the front desk just in case.

Now I run my way to my car BEGGING God to let me not have a ticket. And he answered my prayers.

It is now about 10 am. Jose calls me about 5 more times within a 20 minute span from downtown to me getting to Party City. I gave the envelope to the girls at the cashier so they can swap out the proper colors of silly string I needed. Originally, I wanted the confetti poppers but they were all out so I settled with the silly string. It is now about 11 am and Jose was suppose to get off at 5 pm. He called me maybe 20 more times asking me to forget the silly string and open the envelope. I learned to stop answering every phone call.

When he came home from work, I had the camera all packed up and everything ready. I never seen my man walk so fast. We walked across the street to the park and found this little hidden nook that no one would really disturb us or cause so much noise. I set up the tripod and camera as he nervously rubbed his hands while pacing back and forth.

I opened the bottles of silly string to give it a good shake and that’s when it got real! We counted down and let the spray fly!

In the video, you will see me constantly smacking at my legs. Let me tell you, those mosquitoes ATE ME ALIVE!!!! We ran back home and I edited this video within the next 15 minutes. We were so excited and sent it to EVERYONE.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did filming it!

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