Brianna aka Queen Sunflower.

Spiritual being that wants to spread love and simplicity through everything that I do, although sometimes it is not always so simple.  I’m a millennial mom that juggles keeping the house (spouse, child, dog) together while working full time, traveling, cooking, baking, caring for my plants, and oh also trying to squeeze in me time.

This is my creative space.  My hopes for this blog is to help inspire and empower other queens through my life of trying to keep it all together. And let me tell you, that is EXHAUSTING but every day at a time right?

I believe all women are queens in our own right. It’s not always easy being the mom, wife/girlfriend, best friend, coworker, employee, daughter, sister, doctor, therapists, financial manager, and other titles that are requested of us.  But, we do it to the best of our ability.  Therefore, just do your best queens.  Your crown may tilt or slide throughout the madness, but never let it fall!

This is an open forum for all.  Positive and empowering comments will be acknowledged and posted.

Queen on Queens.  Queen on.